Yeah yeah we know you’re beautiful and worthy and lovable times a gazillion and god loves you and if you just get out of your own way great things will find you. What’s your point? I mean when you’re done proving to everyone else how awesome you are what’s next? What do you have to say? To do, to share? When you are not trying to prove your value to others And you KNOW without a doubt that you are INFINITELY LOVED sideways and under ways and all ways, who are you? Why are you? What’s next? Stop being stuck at “worthy?” With a question mark. You are. Because you exist. And so is everybody else. Now what What did you come here to do, to be ? Show me. I am the Universe I am the World and I want to see it hear it know it and stand behind you under over you when you do that thing you came here to do... So I can stream that unconditional LOVE for YOU that I have been streaming unwaveringly for you through infinity until the day you woke up to feel it 🔥❤️🔥#guidance #soul #destiny #spirit #aliens #starseeds #motivation #positivevibes #crystal #reality #beach #interdimensional #travel #soulpurpose #depression #healing #youarehere #reasontolive #love


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