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#LosAngelesWildCats 🤨 Interesting name for a new Los Angeles #XFL team 🏈. I was kind of hoping they would have at least brought back the team name of #LAXtreme 🔷 as that was a cool unique name as they were inaugural champions 🏆 of the 1st #XFLseason. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️ about #LAWildcats though as I don’t necessarily picture them as representation of #LosAngeles. Now if the XFL wanted to create some thing new I think perhaps the team name of Los Angeles Stars ⭐️ would have been better as they could have easily incorporated a star ⭐️ as part of the “A” in LA letter logo. Of course I’m don’t necessarily mean the stars ✨ in the sky 🌌 as I’m referring to star power of #LA with especially in #Hollywood. But nonetheless #LetsGoLA #Wildcats


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