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BREATHE 💛 CONSCIOUSLY 🙏🏻 The link between your mind, body, and soul, is your breath! We breathe automatically, so most of the time, we don’t pay attention to our breath BUT our life force energy which is our Prana , travels around our body through our breath. . . In yoga we do pay attention to our breath, and through the physical practise we can let go of tension, so our breath, and our life force energy, can travel more freely around our body, so it can reach every cell - more happily! . Let’s breathe together, Inhale - through both nostrils and feel your naval rise, feel your breath within your body, Exhale slowly and completely and allow your naval to soften and release anything you need to let go of, repeat - inhale slowly and exhale slowly and completely, and then just become aware of your breath at different times through out the day, notice your breath and if you get stressed or anxious or get stuck in a thought process - simply return to your breath! . . Have a peaceful day today yogis, breathe in Love and exhale tension 🙏🏻➰ xx . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #love #peace #pranayama #breath #home #mindbodysoul #calm #life #lifeforceenergy #yogi #spiritualawakening #spirituality #liveinthemoment