I want to announce this Draw This In Your Style + Raffle! I know that I mentioned doing it after Easter, but the great feedback on my pool got my inpired, so here is my #dtiys Challenge! ♥️❤️💛💚💙💜 Most of you will know the rules, but here we go💙 __________________________ 🏵️Draw this character in your style! You can change anything you want, but she has to be still recognizable 💕 🏵️Follow me 😘 🏵️Put my post in the next slide! 🏵️Tag me in your post and use  the hashtag #drawklayr 🏵️You can also share it with someone who would like to participate 🤗❤️ 🏵️Deadline is my Birthday, 📅 May 18 💙🎂 - I will feature as much entries on my stories as I can! (Just drop me a note if I forgot yours 📝) And at the end I will pick my favorites and post them on my profile! RAFFLE -1 random participant will win a digital drawing commission ! 😁 HAVE FUN!! . . . #drawing #artlovers #creative #art #drawthisinyourstyle #illustration #blueeyes #blue #girl #challenge #artstagram #painting #procreate


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Wow professional!!😊


@opendesing thank you so much! 💙✨




Um die Zeichnung besser zu verstehen: hat sie bewusst keinen Arm? :D was ist die Backstory davon


@jim_bryson thank you so much! 💙


@zeichenelster 💙ja, sie hat mit Absicht keinen Arm, aber nur damit ich einen abschluss für die büsten-optik habe, du kannst also auch gern einen arm zeichnen xD (man muss ja nicht die selbe pose zeichnen) das thema fürs zeichnen war "frühling". Viel mehr backstory gibt es nicht (ich wollte nur coole haare zeichnen xD)


Amazing! 💕


@xcalvin_w thank you so much! ❤️

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