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Every #girl has that staple #perfume or #Bodyspray that has become her #signature #fragrance. Leaving the house without spraying on that familiar scent is like walking out naked. Okay, maybe not to that extreme, but you're getting what I'm talking about, right? Not just that, I think #women care a great deal about how a person #smells (and sounds) more than a person’s #looks when searching for a partner. So boys, you know what to do! 😉 I strongly believe you are what you smell like. If you #smell good, it’s a #reflection of your inner #soul and overall self. So here's a #visualguide on how to spray that favorite perfume of yours so that it stays longer. Thank me later! 😎✨ Write in the #comments box below, what your favorite #scent is? Come on, I wanna know what my #followers like😊 What’s my signature? @bulgariparfums - I've always loved @bulgariofficial scents the most. #Jasminenoir by #Bvlgari has been my signature scent. But someone gifted #Goldea by @bulgariparfums to me a few days back and it has instantly become very special and my new most favorite. So long story short, Bvlgari it is for me! ❤️ . . . . . . #SanaBlogs #SanaAnwaar #Eatwandervogue #eatwanderlust #instagram #bloggerlife #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #tips #fashionblogger #travelblogger #vogue


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Very informative. Never thought someone would actually teach us how to use perfumes 😂😍


I do not use imported perfumes because I’m a fan if J. I use White Musk and Zaraar. I love white musk.


@_hasnainashfaq My feed is all about what's important to me, so is sharing all of it with my followers 😊❤️


@_hasnainashfaq White Musk is good. Good choice! 😎


I'm currently using Fareeha by satrangi.. and it smells good... I don't use one perfume all the time. It keeps on changing ... 😁


Very informative post for me seriously because i am the one who use perfume very badly...🙈. But my favourite perfume is lady million... i simply love it..❤️


@maria_zahid Fair enough. I'll definitely check it out ❤️


@aiisha_m Thank you, keep following for more informative stuff 😉❤️


secret by rasasi one of my fav all time


Very informative ❣️ but there are some people who mix 5 different scents everytime they go out so they smell differently each time and donot have any signature scent 🤣 but @juicycouture 's viva la juicy, secret from @rasasigcc and @sapilperfumes 's chichi are some of my absolute favorites of all times 😍


Marjan by J. is all time favourite ♥️


Be delicious by DKNY. And i loved this post! ❤️


@sado.khan Thank you sweetheart ❤️


Allure by Chanel. It’s THE best.



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