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Marcus & Martinus ♪

Good afternoon everybody❤️ What have you done this weekend?🔥👊🏼


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Happy weekend peeps! Hope it will be full of good moments 💚💚 Are u doing anything fun??


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Hope your day has been awesome, and that you’ll do something fun tonight if it hasn’t🙌🏼❤️


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If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?🤔 #china


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On our way to do our exam about social studies😖 wish us luck!!


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Hope you weekend has been amazing! We’ve been practicing for our exam that’s on Tuesday🥶 What have you done this weekend?


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Oh HEY almost didn’t see u there!! Just stopping by to wish you a happy MMers Friday and an amazing weekend! And please explain to us what the man to the left is doing?! We have no idea🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


Marcus & Martinus ♪

We just arrived in Germany! Can you guess what we’re doing over here??🤩🤔🤔


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How would you rate my messy hair from 1 to 10???


Marcus & Martinus ♪

We’re on our way home now after some amazing days in China!! Thank you @dilekayhan and @kinamannen and the Norwegian Asian Business Summit for having us🤩 We definitely hope to come back to Asia again real soon! There’s more countries there we need to visit, right? 😉❤️


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Happy Sunday peeps!! 🤣 Enjoying our last day in Shanghai, tell us something that’s made you laugh this weekend? 👻


Marcus & Martinus ♪

Shanghai is treating us really good! Hope to see some more MMers here tonight or tomorrow morning, come see us👋🏼 Now, which one of these hotel W poses is the best one? Be honest🙏🏼