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Born and raised on the track, we create the most advanced performance cars in the world.

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McLaren Automotive

For day 13 for #25DaysOfMcLaren we’re taking you behind the scenes for a look at the meticulous work that goes into painting each and every McLaren.


McLaren Automotive

Weight is slashed from the #McLarenElva thanks to the low-profile carbon fibre dihedral doors. Precision engineered and practical, they add a dramatic flourish as they rise from the deep curved sills.


McLaren Automotive

The #McLarenElva… born to heighten every sense and build the closest connection between driver, car and the elements. Impossibly light. Intoxicatingly powerful. Split-second agility.


McLaren Automotive

Our tour of the Boulevard at McLaren Technology Centre has reached the sublime 720S. What is your favourite design feature? #25DaysOfMclaren


McLaren Automotive

The flow of the #McLarenElva blurs all boundaries between the interior and exterior, merging into a stunning whole from every angle. Drawing inspiration from Formula 1 the clean, fuss-free body sides and shrink-wrapped muscular shapes come straight from ideas forged in the heat of ultimate competition.


McLaren Automotive

Despite having no roof, the #McLarenElva still generates enough downforce to enhance the incredible handling. A full width carbon fibre active rear spoiler even changes position to maintain the perfect aerodynamic balance and instantly becomes an airbrake to add huge stopping power when needed.


McLaren Automotive

Making its debut in 1997, the dramatic new iteration of the McLaren F1 GTR, with its distinctive stretched silhouette, was the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’. This is day 11 of #25DaysOfMcLaren.


McLaren Automotive

#DidYouKnow that the stunning Full Carbon Fibre Body of the #McLarenElva is made from just three main panels? This creates a clean, sculpted profile and stays true to the ultra-lightweight ethos.


McLaren Automotive

The ferocious 4.0L Twin-turbocharged V8 with 815PS with 800NM of torque provides a sublime and rich soundtrack into the cockpit into the #McLarenElva thanks to its bespoke quad exhaust system.


McLaren Automotive

Day 10 of #25DaysOfMcLaren and here's a look at the amazing 570S GT4 we have on display on the Boulevard at McLaren Technology Centre.


McLaren Automotive

The #McLarenElva is the lightest road car that McLaren Automotive have ever made. The results are felt in a heartbeat. Agility, telepathic responses and raw performance delivered with unique poise.


McLaren Automotive

Crafted by the wind. A master class in aerodynamics. Shaped to make full use of airflow. The Elva’s Active Air Management System [AAMS] is a world first. Using two sculpted elements to guide high speed air over the cabin, it creates a turbulence-free zone for driver and passenger for total comfort and control. And despite having no roof, the Elva still generates enough downforce to enhance the incredible handling.