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"As much as I love the madness of Marrakech at its busiest hour, my favorite time is early in the morning when people are just starting to open their shops and run their errands. The small moments in travel—like a man selling fish from a crate on his bicycle—often feel more intimate and meaningful to me than a grand adventure." 📷@erikaexplores 📍Marrakech, Morocco 🇲🇦 #passionpassport


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To the south of mainland Australia lies the island state of Tasmania, fittingly called the “Island of Inspiration.” Home to vast, rugged wilderness, nearly half of the state is World Heritage Area, marine and forest reserves, or national parks, making it an outdoor lover’s paradise. With nearly 3,000 acres of coastline border, “Tassie” is home to an estimated 500,000 residents: 320,000 who live in the capital city Hobart, another 80,000 in Launceston, and 100,000 who are spread throughout the remainder of the island. With a rich history, thriving outdoor, culinary scenes, and a relaxed countryside vibe, Tasmania is well-suited for laidback holiday-seekers and hardcore adventurists alike. Head to the link in our bio to discover our Mini-Guide to Tasmania for your next epic getaway! 📷@mattcherub 📍Tasmania, Australia 🇦🇺 #passionpassport


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"This was taken on a cold (-20), quiet night. I remember Banff was looking incredibly cozy from atop the mountain as I was freezing my fingers off for this shot. Most had left to find warmth, but my favourite season is winter in the park: the crowds are gone, everything has a beautiful blanket of snow, it’s a very peaceful time. After, my girlfriend and I headed for the mountain’s hot springs." 📷@joshmcca 📍Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 #passionpassport


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"I was enthralled with the minimal landscape and how this road curves and splits — like the eye of Horus — to avoid one small tree. On this long, romantic road, you get to know the feeling of lostness with occasional wildlife and endless sand as your companions.” 📷@spathumpa 📍Al Qudra Desert, Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 #passionpassport


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"The U Bein Bridge was our first stop from the airport, and our senses were instantly overwhelmed by our surroundings: street vendors, cars, noise, food. The morning after, we came back for sunrise and we were surprised by how it transformed. There was a slight fog mixing with hues of orange in the sky and this bridge where monks pass to connect with their soul before the day starts." 📷@diografic 📍Amarapura, Myanmar 🇲🇲 #passionpassport *Note: While Passion Passport will continue to post photos on social media and even cover Myanmar editorially, the government is allowing ethnic cleansing to occur while denying its existence. Passion Passport appreciates the beauty of Myanmar’s people and its lands, but supports U.N. resolutions to end military campaigns against Muslim Rohingya.


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“As soon as you enter Shah Jahan Masjid, you are taken back to the 17th-century Mughal Era. After looking at this intricate, geometric brickwork—an amalgamation of Sindhi, Timurid, Indian and Persian architectural styles—you can feel the architects’ and artisans’ perfectionism. Every mosque has its own unique patterns, bulbous domes, massive halls; but this one felt special to me. I had seen a couple of pictures before and knew I needed to quench the thirst of marveling at this mosque in person, for myself.” 📷@iamkhandanish 📍Shah Jahan Masjid, Thatta, Pakistan 🇵🇰 #passionpassport


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The stunning mansions in Chettinad are homes to forgotten pasts. Once built by the wealthy merchant class, they now lie abandoned but beautiful. “History has a way of making certain things obsolete. It is tough to forcefully fit something that belongs to another time in our story, make it a part of our history. These palatial and beautiful spaces can’t fulfill the same roles they were initially envisaged for, but new opportunities present themselves in new worlds.” To read more about how the owners are creating new ways for visitors to enjoy the splendor of the past, visit the link in our bio. 📷 @elice_f📍Chettinad, India


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“I walked inside the beautiful Shah Mosque, and the details were just incredible. Built in the 1600s with seven colors of mosaic tile, this mosque is one of the most well-known buildings in Iran and is portrayed on the Iranian 20K Rial bill! Underneath the mosque’s central dome, you’ll find a stone on the ground which marks an important acoustic point in the building. From there, sound echoes loudly through the rest of the building, allowing the imam to speak at a lower volume but still be heard by everyone inside. I saw people testing this out themselves by standing there and singing while listening to their own echoes; it was truly a unique experience." 📷@thediaryofanomad 📍Esfahan, Iran 🇮🇷 #passionpassport


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We sent a Google Pixel phone to #PassionPassport team member, @alexortega.__ to see how it would help document a day in Toronto. Swipe to see where he took us! How does mobile photography help you create while on the go or traveling? Let us know in the comments. @googlepixel #teampixel #sponsored


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“I was visiting Sumpango for the Giant Kite Festival held annually on the first day of November. It’s an hour-plus drive (if you wake up early) from where I live, so I come pretty much every year. It’s always a challenge to portray a known spot with new light; this time I focused on an aerial shot of the nearby cemetery as I missed that opportunity on past years paying more attention to the festival. It can be overwhelming navigating the swarming crowd—chatter of thousands of attendees, smoke from street food vendors’ improvised stoves, dust flying everywhere due to high winds. But I find it inspiring when I find something new in a familiar spot. Revisiting gives you a better understanding and deeper meaning to a place—and lets you pay attention to details that would have gone unnoticed at first (or second or third) glance.” 📷@monodelespacio 📍Sumpango, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala 🇬🇹 #passionpassport


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There’s so much to see and enjoy in Bangkok, including its fascinating culture. In fact, Thailand is one of the best places for women travelers—if you know how to navigate it. “Thailand’s relationship with gender is complex and endlessly fascinating, and Bangkok is no different. This is the city of Soi Cowboy’s infamous gauntlet of bikini-clad girls, yet the country at large is much more conservative in its views and the average Thai finds the topic of sex taboo.” Head to the link in our bio to read about what you should keep in mind on your trip to Bangkok as a woman traveler. 📷 @erikaexplores📍Bangkok, Thailand #passionpassport


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"Everything about this scene screamed the American Southwest to me. I’ve been visiting this area for many years, yet every time I seem to find a composition that I like better than the last. On this particular trip, I was treated to the sun projecting these warm, beautiful colours into the sky." 📷@kgat15 📍Wupatki National Monument, Arizona, USA 🇺🇸 We’re grateful for all of you, our community and fellow travelers — happy American Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! #passionpassport