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Steve Martocci

Capped off a long stretch of travel with the amazing @goldmansachs Builders + Innovators Summit. I was honored to get to spend time with such incredible entrepreneurs and big thinkers. It was also nice to be able to share the experience with our significant others (@ny.lexa) A personal highlight for me was learning that Goldman CEO @davidsolomon (aka @djdsolmusic) is a @splice user. Our job at Splice is to keep you inspired to create and help you make progress on your musical journey, whatever that may be. To see someone who has risen to the top of their profession and maintained music as a lifelong creative outlet is a beautiful thing and an example of the world we want to create. Now I'm back in the office deeply inspired to articulate the next phase of our company strategy and plan the year ahead. There's so much more to come. #gsinnovators


Steve Martocci

There was something about seeing this on the newstands in the airport that made me feel like it needed to be shared in more than just an ephemeral story. It feels good to be recognized for making an impact on the artform I love so much from a publication I've read since I was a kid. It's not a tech or business story, it's @rollingstone. Thanks for the extra boost of inspiration to keep the creativity flowing and thanks to the the whole @splice team which makes this all possible.


Steve Martocci

What an experience last night, front row, celebrating the band and movie that taught us the "fine line between stupid and clever" and how to take things to "11". I even got a chance to participate in the improvisational magic with my with my own 🥒.


Steve Martocci

This week's Sunday Service... #gameofthrones #sundayservice


Steve Martocci

Waking up to my mom sending me pics of @splice in the @wsj... one of those special mornings.


Steve Martocci

I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend watching @phish on a beautiful beach in Mexico with close friends and my love @ny.lexa. This was the third @phishrivieramaya but this time it felt different. The weekend felt like a moment in history, the celebration of over a decade of work by @dberko and the CID team, building trust with a band and community that has shaped so many of us since our teenage years. The band delivered big musically on the beach, accompanied by a simple yet extremely elusive verbal acknowledgement for the efforts of Dan and the team. An on stage thank you that fulfills and inspires not just those directly involved, but us who gets to witness that dreams can come true. This photo chronicles another highlight for me, watching the shows with Tom Marshall (@boytommy). Tom and I met over a year ago through Under the Scales and frequently chat about the band and his company Osiris, but we hadn’t had a chance to see a full show together until now. Meeting his family, bantering between songs, guessing what was coming next and seeing him relish in the performance of his own collaborative creations was a truly special experience. Thank you @dberko, @jonfmcp, @b_keber, @mmmedvin, @reubenharte and the rest of the @cidpresentsofficial crew for caring more about every aspect of the music experience than anyone else on earth. Growing together with you as friends over the last 15 years and seeing you reach this high has me in awe. #consideritdan #hunkabunkabus It’s incredible to see your friends become your heroes and your heroes become your friends. Here’s to more cosmic collaborations, transcendent musical highs and keeping the creative magic flowing.


Steve Martocci

Big weekend. Go rams, go @jhekk.


Steve Martocci

2018 was quite the year for off Broadway jam band musicals. As they say... "You'll always remember where you were". #thisiswhatspacesmellslike #allwasleftonechancetoflyaway


Steve Martocci

After 150 shows I finally took my family to see a @phish show. What a magical night, I think my mom is going on tour...


Steve Martocci

"I had too much to dream last night" thank you for the magic @fly.on.little.wing @steeleism @benpundole @bedouin_official


Steve Martocci

Pretty surreal to see 209 on a scale. Notice the sharp decline when I stopped drinking in February. It's been the game changer. I've been on keto since April. But had to lower the fat content because my cholesterol was way too high. I'm very happy with my food intake, it doesn't feel like dieting at all thanks to @questnutrition protein tortilla chips and @eatenlightened ice cream. Continued thanks to @vega_tdnyc & @johnjamesthrowdown at @throwdownnyc for kicking my ass every week and @onepeloton for my at home cardio.


Steve Martocci

A beautiful sunrise with a 747 and lots of love. One of the many highlights of my best burn yet.