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Focused on wild cat research, breeding, and education through in-situ and ex-situ conservation Headed by Nat Geo WILD Presenter Ben Britton 🐆


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Wild Cat Conservation Centre wildcatcentre

Wild Cat Conservation Centre

Our philosophy at our centre is to provide our cats with the opportunity and choice to exhibit as many natural behaviours as possible within a captive environment. The goal is to ensure that as in a natural environment, no two days are ever the same! We achieve this in a number of ways such as: 🐆 No set feed times or routine activities for our cats. 🐆 Moving our cats between different habitats instead of living in the one single exhibit. 🐆 All cats are provided the opportunity to explore and investigate our 5 acre savanna, the single largest cheetah habitat in Australia. 🐆 Enrichment walks that offer unparalleled stimulation to our cats. By having guests join us on some of these walks, a point of different and variety is added to their walk. The cats come across you just as they would other animals within their environment! We do not guarantee guests will be able to interact or get a photo with our cats, as all interactions is at the cats discretion though we do guarantee you’ll learn all about some amazing smaller wild cats and what you can do to help us conserve them! #cooperthecheetah 📸by @zerns . . . . . . . #cute #love #cheetah #amazing #cat #catsofinstagram #beauty #beautiful #animals #wildlife #wildlifeplanet #abcmyphoto #wildcatcentre #enrichment #seriouslypopular #cuteanimals #conservation #hawkesbury #sydney #australia #dailytelegraph #photooftheday #conservation #picoftheday @dailytelegraph